Christian believes that supporting our young people requires an all-in strategy from cradle to career that prioritizes access to high quality early care and education for our children, community-based partnerships for mentorship and enrichment, and strengthened investments in summer youth employment and job training programs.

Christian knows that a dynamic local economy is vital to open access to ladders of opportunity and improve the overall quality of life for all Lexingtonians. He will champion workforce solutions that attract and grow new businesses, strengthen our signature industries, and support entrepreneurs to develop better employment opportunities for working families.

Christian sees safe and healthy neighborhoods as the foundation of a strong community. Our neighborhoods should be free from crime and addiction, and no child should live in fear of violence. Engaging parents and families, and promoting positive relationships and partnerships among residents, faith, law enforcement and community organizations will be a focus for Christian once on the Council. 

Christian believes that leveraging advancements in technology will keep us focused on doing what works and lead to measurable impacts that improve our community. His leadership embraces innovation and data-driven approaches that will keep government efficient, effective, and accountable.